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Glow Fire - The technologies

Here you can find out about our technologies used and find out which electric fireplace fire is the most realistic for you.

LED technology

The Glow Fire LED line is equipped with a 2-dimensional flame pattern, which is perfectly modeled on real fire. Behind the glass of the fireplace sits a flame decoration of logs (transparent ceramics), transparent crystal stones or white pebbles. The decorations are transparent, which allows the glutimitation. The flame effect arises from a rotating axis. On this reflectors are fixed, which are illuminated differently due to the rotation. On a canvas behind the decorations, the beautiful fire picture is displayed.

Water Vapor technology

The patented Opti Myst water vapor technology offers deceptively real flames and an absolutely realistic fireplace experience. With the help of water vapor and light technology, a flame image is created that is hardly distinguishable from real fire. A water tank sits under a ceramic pottery. From this water tank ascending water vapor is generated. In combination with fire-colored light, the flame effect is complete. The integrated heating function, which can be switched in three stages, completes the perfect fireplace atmosphere. In our Glow Fire chimneys we use the cassettes with 40 and 60 cm width as well as complete inserts with heating function. The inserts are equipped with halogen light.


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